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Kanger Subox Mini V2 UK

The Kangertech Subox Mini V2 Kit is an upgraded version of Subox Mini kit, combining with the 2200mAh Kbox Mini 2.0 MOD and a 2ml Subtank Mini 2.0 Tank. With the leak-proof top airflow control and NCOCC coil, Kangertech Subox Mini V2 is really great.

The New Subox Mini V2 also replaces the even older TOPBOX Nano and Kanger TOPBOX Mini Kit simplifying the Kanger mod range.

Holding in hand Kangertech SUbox Mini V2

Kanger Subox Mini V2 mainly consists of the new 2200mAh Kbox Mini 2.0 60W mod box and a 2ml Subtank Mini 2.0 tank. The Kbox Mini 2.0 also has comprehensive multi-protection system ensuring complete safety for you.

The newest Kangertech Subtank Mini 2.0 tank has 2ml e-liquid capacity with easy top filling design. With the unique pre-installed 0.8ohm NCOCC coil for half-DTL (half direct-to-lung) vaping and the optional 1.5ohm NCOCC coil for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping, the Subtank Mini 2.0 tank will bring you distinctive vaping experience. Also the leak-proof top airflow control definitely makes the Kangertech Subox Mini V2 Kit a great vaping device.  

KangerTech Subox Mini V2 Characteristic:

  • Power: 7W – 60W
  • Built in 2200mAh battery
  • OLED Display Screen
  • 510 Connection
  • Micro USB Charging – DC 5V/2A (Max)
  • Size: 74mm H x 39mm W x 22.5mm D
  • Weight: 100g 

Subtank Mini 2.0 Tank Specifications:

  • Size: 22mm(D) x 48mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil: 0.8ohm NCOCC coil for half-DL vaping (15W – 25W, pre-installed)
  • 1.5ohm NCOCC coil for MTL vaping (8W – 15W, optional)
  • Thread: 510 thread

Kanger Subox Mini V2 Kit content: 

  • 1 x Subtank Mini 2.0 (2ml Capacity)
  • 1 x Kbox Mini 2.0 60w Mod
  • 1 x NCOCC Coil (NiCr 0.80Ω)
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User manual 

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More on using the Kangertech Subox Mini 

The Subox contains all the accessories you need to enjoy high level vapour production and cloud chasing. Optionally you can buy both prebuilt coils and for those who wish to build their own a full RBA kit is available. In addition to this there are sub-ohm coil options for those who want mouth to lung vaping and 1.5 ohm coils for those who want to vape the traditional way. The Subox give vapers an easy way to experiment with the various aspects of vaping without the need for a lot of technical knowledge. The Subox Mini replaces both the Topbox Nano and Topbox Mini which simplifies the Kangertech range. All accessories contained in the kit are fully optimised and compatible with each other. Generally you need to use 3 - 6 mg strength nicotine ie. lower than with standard vape devices (12 - 18mg) in order to compensate for the additional vapour that is inhaled.

It is important to ensure you obtain the correct temperature to vape a given e liquid. Different e liquids have different properties so some need a higher temperature and some a lower temperature. In order to get the "sweet spot" we suggest starting at a low setting and increase that in steps of 2 watts. At some level the vapour will feel warm as you inhale and this is the approximate optimised temperature. You then need to reduce the wattage 1 step at a time for 2-3 watts and somewhere in that scale you should find your precise "sweet spot. (you may like warm vapour so you can also increase the wattage 1 or 2 watts above this point to see which you prefer and which gives the vapour level you desire. If you change e liquids or coil resistance you will then need to repeat the steps above to ensure you are hitting the e-liquid at the right temperature.) See the full range of compatible Kanger Subox Mini accessories.

This product is designed for advanced vapers who wish to produce massive vapour or for those who enjoy building their own, for those simply wishing to stop smoking it does not present any great advantage over the other much simpler devices available on the site. Nicotine absorption can be achieved either through high vapour + low strength e-liquid or lower vapour + higher strength e liquid. For fruit flavours the taste is more intense with sub-ohm vaping however we offer a wide range of flavours and flavour concentrations so it is not difficult to find one that suits you whether you use a sub-ohm device like the Kanger Subox Mini or a standard device like the vape pen. Images may differ.

In the past there has been a lot of confusion regarding the Kanger mod range - Nano, Subox and Topbox mods - and this new Subox Mini rationalised the range into a single high quality vape mod that takes all the best features of its predecessors.


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