VSAVI E-Liquid Vape Kit


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VSAVI E-Liquid Vape Kit

This rechargeable E-Liquid Vape Kit is a mini-tank vape device which offers the discerning vaper a discrete versatile and very neat high-end quality device that lasts. At 18g it is less than half the weight of other devices. With most other e-cig batteries running at 3.7 volts our powerful 4.2 volts device will give you more power and more vapour and can be used with any VSAVI e-liquids. It's an ideal too, light and easy to use. Weight 18g. Size 130mm x 85mm

This e-liquid vape kit contains:

1 x VSAVI 4.2 Volt battery
1 x VSAVI Ex-Blank refill tank
1 x USB Express charger
1 x Instruction booklet

This basic vape kit offers flexibility and can be used with your choice of accessories and e-liquids and is one of our most versatile small scale electronic cigarettes. A personal vaporizer with the convenience of a micro-ecig.

Each Ex-Blank refill tank is refillable up to 15 times before you will need to replace it. One refill is equivalent to 10-20 normal cigarettes depending on the number of puffs you used to take when smoking a cigarette.

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