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VSAVI Flavoured Nic Salts 20mg/ml

VSAVI Nic Salts give you delicious flavour teamed with the natural nicotine you require.

Nicotine salts are a great alternative to the conventional pharma grade nicotine e-liquids most commonly found in e-liquids. Sourced and found naturally occurring in the tobacco leaves themselves nicotine salts are mixed with the food supplement Benzoic Acid which provides the natural nicotine with more bioavailability for your body to absorb.

Perfect for those looking to vape less and still get the nicotine your body needs as you try to quit smoking nicotine salts are considered to be the strongest e-liquid found on the market. Get more nicotine per puff and enjoy a throat hit similar to the experience you might be accustomed to when smoking.

VSAVI Nic Salt Flavours Available:

Grape Divine - the sweet taste of grapes. Get set for a series of sweet sensations with the delicious grape divine.

Coffee Latte - Latte oh so smooth. Sit back and relax with the rich and aromatic flavours of roasted coffee and creamy milk.

Strawberry Milk - moreish milkshake magic. Favour the delectable delights of this mouth-watering strawberry shake in a vape.

Juicy Lemonade - bada-bing! what a zing! Experience the effervescent fizz and zest with this sweet and sour citrus classic.

Smooth Tobacco - the taste of tradition. Enjoy the quintessential taste of this rich tobacco blend full of flavour.

Ideal for low powered devices such as the VSAVI E-Liquid Vape Kit or XEO VOID nicotine salts are most suited to being vaporised at a low heat for maximum pleasure and we would recommend avoiding sub-ohm devices.

Why Buy VSAVI Premium E-Liquid Nicotine Salts?

  • Nicotine salts are found naturally in tobacco leaves.
  • Less harsh than pure nicotine
  • Enhances the flavour of your e-liquid
  • Vaporises at low temperatures - perfect for less powerful e-cigarettes.
  • Get more nicotine without inhaling large quantities of vapour
  • Ideal for those looking to lower their nicotine consumption

VSAVI Premium E-Liquid Nicotine Salts Ingredients:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG) 50%
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG) 50%
  • Flavouring (Grape / Coffee / Strawberry / Lemon / Tobacco)
  • Nicotine Benzoate Salt Solution 20mg: 30ml

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